California’s Swing towards Clean Technology

Not just organizations, but the average American now understands the importance of clean technology. A few years ago, clean technology constituted only a minor part of any pie chart on different forms of energy, but now it is quite prominent in investment-related statistical charts.

The 2014 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index shows the ranking of states and illustrates the extent to which they have embraced clean technology. Massachusetts has the top ranking in terms of venture capital dollars per capita invested in clean energy. However, in terms of the total investment, California is way ahead of the rest of the states.


Using Sun as Fuel

What we are seeing is a paradigm shift towards finding new ways to produce clean energy. WaterFX, for instance, is building sustainable solar desalination systems to remove salt and other minerals from saline water. This allows the provision of affordable sources of water.

Producing Fresh Water from Solar Energy

Farmers in California’s central Valley face water shortages every year, and their water needs have been met by the federal irrigation program, a network of reservoirs, rivers and canals that gets its water supply from Sierra mountains’ melted ice.

However, this shortage is now being addressed by large desalination plants that run on solar energy. These plants desalinate salty agricultural drainage water from irrigated crops and supply the farmers with clean water.


California Tops Clean Tech State Index

For the past five years, California has been on top in the Clean Tech State Index, and it referred to as the epicenter of clean technology market. San Francisco, the financial hub for California, has spearheaded the drive towards clean energy, and it was instrumental in giving California top rating in the index. Because of a startup-friendly business climate, a host of incubators have set up shop in the city which attracts the biggest percentage of the region’s venture capital.

Over the years, the State has seen heavy investments in the clean electricity sector. According to CleanTechnica , 12% of all electricity used in the sunny state in 2013 was produced by solar, wind and hydro plants.

One edge that California enjoys is that it has a green-minded population. Bay Area generally comes out on top when discussing clean technology. The people of the area are heavily vested in clean technology investments, production of clean energy, and carbon management. Moreover, the area is seeing a rapidly increasing number of electric/hybrid cars.

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